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Marine  blinds

Sola-Cure is a globally recognised brand and market leader, supplying high quality window marine  blinds to the marine, offshore, aviation, agricultural and construction industries.

Our blinds are synonymous with quality and style at a fair price. This means that Sola-Cure is the first choice for many commercial and private owners, operators, fit-out companies and shipyards.

Sola-Cure has developed a reputation for supplying the very best in quality with a prompt, courteous and informative service to its clients



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Marine window blinds


Sola-Cure are suppliers of anti-glare blinds. We have a long and impressive reference list of projects and returning clients. Our blinds are delivered with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Anti-glare blinds are a cost-effective solution for combating glare from the sun. Often referred to as solar screen or sunscreens, our anti-glare blinds reduce glare by up to 97% and are used in the marine, offshore, aviation and security sectors.

Data shows Sola-Cure anti-glare blinds provide total solar energy rejection of up to 94%, making them ideal for reducing heat and air conditioning costs in buildings and vessels. See more



Sola-Cure supply high quality marine blackout blinds which comply with the latest fire-retardant IMO regulations. We use heavy duty, wipe to clean anti-microbial materials in a range of colours.

Blackout blinds are perfect in accommodation areas for shift workers requiring sleep in daylight hours. Typically, this may be on offshore platforms, ocean going commercial ships and in working environments where light must be eliminated.

Blackout blinds are available with a range of stability at sea options, such as side rails, wire guides and retaining hooks. Chain operation, spring roller and motorised blind are also available. See more



Sola-Cure clients

Marine Blinds, Navigation Blinds,Ship blinds, boat blinds ,marine blackout blinds
Marine Blinds

Sola-Cure has established a loyal customer base with many distinguished names throughout the maritime, offshore and aviation industries. We have also supplied our anti-glare sunscreens and blackout blinds to over 30 countries worldwide. We are proud to have supplied blinds on more than one occasion to the following clients: –

  • MSC

  • STX

  • Keppel

  • Svitzer

  • Smit Lamnalco

  • UK Royal Navy

  • Stanford Marine

  • Vard

  • Marcplan

  • Indian Navy

  • Garden Reach Shipbuilders

  • Hantong Ship Heavy Ind

  • British Nuclear Fuels

  • China Steel Taiwan

  • Dong Energy

  • Dalby Offshore

  • Seacor

  • French Navy

  • Brodosplit Shipyard

  • Turbine Transfers

  • Damen

  • Stanford Marine


Sola-Cure are constantly adding new projects and applications to its reference list.Click here to see our recent projects.


The very best in quality


Our factory is ISO 9001 accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and all our window blinds delivered with a 5-year warranty as standard. Our anti-glare blinds are type approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) and our films independently tested by a UKAS approved test house. This guarantees the quality of the film and separates us from inferior quality films available from other suppliers.

Our blinds have a damper in the spring mechanism that provides a controlled cushioned mechanism when the blind retracts inside the cassette. This prevents the bottom rail from smashing into the cassette and over time, becoming damaged. The speed of retraction can also be adjusted externally even after the blind is installed. A neat feature unique to Sola-Cure.


Health and Safety in the workplace



UV exposure is cumulative and research has proved that skin exposed to sun shining through window glass, even in the office can over time, lead to significant skin damage. Independent 3rd party UKAS approved tests have shown that our anti-glare films offer more than 99% protection from harmful UV. Sola-Cure blinds are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.



Long and short-term exposure to UV radiation can cause damage harm the eyes, affect vision and compromise overall eye health. There are several eye diseases and conditions that are caused or aggravated by exposure to UV radiation such as; Macular degeneration, Cataracts, Ptergyium (also known as ‘surfers eye’) and Photokeratitis (‘snow blindness’).

Click for more information on health and safety in the workplace.

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