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Sola-Cure make and supply  boat blinds for  ships, cranes and rigs all over the world. Our boat  are fitted in the wheelhouse, bridge, working, sleeping and public areas on all types of vessel. We offer the best price and service to our customers. Because of this, many of our customers are builders and fit-out companies. We have also supplied marine blinds to many owners with large fleets of ships and work boats.

Sola-Cure supplies a variety of different types of blinds for boats.Boat window shades, UV blinds and blackout blinds


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Boat Window Shades/UV Boat Blinds

Anti-glare  marine blinds are roller sunscreens that protect eyes from glare and UV rays. These are made from shade film which makes it much easier for the pilot, skipper or helmsman to see. Even when it is not hot outside, sailing towards the sun is very difficult on the eyes. Besides the problem of glare, our bridge and wheelhouse blinds lower the temperature on board. Sola-Cure blinds also offer total UV protection.

Ideal for: Ships’ bridge windows, Work boat pilot house and wheelhouse windows, Crane cabin windows, Security cabin windows.

Fabric roller marine blinds also protect against glare and heat. This type of anti-glare boat blind is made from fabric with many tiny holes. The holes allow passengers and crew to see through the blind. Because the material is fabric, it is well suited to the general public, passengers and crew. The fabric cannot be damaged so easily and reduces the heat. Because of this, the interior is more comfortable for passengers and crew.

Ideal for: public areas on ferries and cruise ships, Bedrooms and cabin windows. Galley port and starboard windows. Offices and meeting rooms on ships, boats and rigs.

Blackout  Boat Blinds

Blackout maritime roller  blinds  are made from single colours cloth in a choice of 48 colours. This is called our ‘Serene’ range of blackout marine  blinds. Sola-Cure offer blinds for boats  made from blackout fabric with test certificate for fire protection. With so many colours, it is easy to find an ideal match for the ships’ interior style and furniture. Blackout marine blinds stop light from passing inside the ship, rig or boat.

Ideal for: Ferry and Cruise ship windows in public areas and accommodation. Bedrooms and galleys on private boats and yachts. Privacy when it is important to stop people looking through the window.

Heavy Marine Blinds. 

Heavy Duty PVC Blackout  blinds are very popular in the marine industry. This is because they are very easy to keep clean. This range is available in 7 colors and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The heavy-duty material is made of PVC and fiberglass and is very long lasting and difficult to damage.

Ideal for: Windows in the Marine, Offshore and heavy plant industries where the environment is dirty. Sleeping quarters for shift workers and crew.