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2D Drawing services

Many of our clients are concerned their anti-glare blind may not fully cover the whole window. When such concerns arise, Sola-Cure will happily create a 2D drawing for you. This will be sent in PDF, DWG or any other commonly used 2D format. All we need are your measured dimensions.

Do you have a drawing or sketch you would like us to look at? If so, please use this link


2D drawing service – Included, free of charge

Wheelhouse and bridge windows are often very unusual shapes. When there are concerns about how the blind will look, we like to draw the window and blind. Our 2D drawings can be created from the architects drawing or even from a sketc with dimensions taken on board. As part of your order, Sola-Cure will submit 2D drawings where there is a complex window shape. Our drawing is usually submitted as a PDF or as a DWG file if requested. Clients can see where we propose mounting the blind to best provide protection from the sun.

Recreating your windows with accuracy

We are able to re-draw your window shape and add our Sola-Cure blind. We return with a simple drawing showing each blind, the proposed cassette width, window blind shape and bottom rail width. 

This service removes any concerns about coverage provided by the blinds and helps the yard or vessel owner in establishing that the casssette will fit in the space available.

Some of our clients provide us with their own .dwg file. We import that, add our blinds and return it to the client. Our parts are added on new layers that do not interfere with the existing drawing structure.

We don’t need to be specialists in CAD software – but it helps that we are!



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