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3D Drawing services on request

A 3D model or rendered image is a great way of selling your design or vision. Whilst you get on with the more complex elements in the bridge or wheelhouse design, why not collaborate with Sola-Cure? We will add the blinds and return the model, allowing you to easily assess the advantages of anti-glare blinds from the Captains or Skippers position.

If you need us to sign an NDA and take a look at your model, please click the link below.

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3D modelling

At Sola-Cure, we have many years’ experience working with all the major CAD formats. We import 3D models, adding our window blinds, luminance lighting and point of view positioning of the Skipper or Captain.

Our reference list of projects includes all types of vessel which we have been required to model the ships’ bridge or boats’ wheelhouse. When offering this service, we satisfy our clients of the window coverage which allows us to spec the correct shape and size of the blind

PDF drawings

Perhaps the most common request we receive is to propose window blinds from a PDF copy of a drawing showing the wheelhouse or bridge. At Sola-Cure we can import the PDF into our drawing package, identify an accurate scale of the file and design a blind for every window. 

Working with naval architects and shipyards

We are able to generate an accurate representation of how our anti-glare blinds will look on board the vessels’ bridge. On completion, the model is ready for importing back into the master drawing. This saves architects and yards considerable time on the project, whilst also confirming the correct specification and size required for the blinds.    

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