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Sola-Cure make and supply marine blinds for ships, cranes and rigs all over the world. Our boat blinds are fitted in the wheelhouse, bridge, working, sleeping and public areas on all types of vessel. We offer the best price and service to our customers. Because of this, many of our customers are builders and fit-out companies. We have also supplied boat blinds to many owners with large fleets of ships and work boats.


Sola-Cure supplies a variety of different types of blinds for boats. Boat window shades, UV blinds and blackout blinds.


Boat Window Shades/UV Boat Blinds, Anti-glare  marine blinds from shade film whiare roller sunscreens that protect eyes from glare and UV rays. These are madech makes it much easier for the pilot, skipper or helmsman to see. Even when it is not hot outside, sailing towards the sun is very difficult on the eyes. Besides the problem of glare, our bridge and wheelhouse blinds lower the temperature on board. Sola-Cure blinds also offer total UV protection.

Ideal for: Ships’ bridge windows, Work boat pilot house and wheelhouse windows, Crane cabin windows, Security cabin windows.


Sola-Cure specialises in supplying shipyards, fleet management companies, ship and workboat owners. We have a global network of representatives. Most have been working with us for many years and have helped establish Sola-Cure as the first choice for many commercial buyers.

Marine Blinds For The Bridge: Navigation UV Blinds

For navigation windows such as those in the bridge, wheelhouse and operator cabin in cranes, Sola-Cure anti-glare film blinds are the most suitable. These practically eliminate glare, reduce heat and prevents harmful UV from penetrating. For perfect visibility, even when facing the sun, chhose Sola-Cure anti-glare film blinds



Boat Blinds For Passenger Area : Semi see through gauze.

Our anti-glare fabric blinds are perfect for areas where passengers and crew would like to see out through the window, but at the same time, remove glare and reduce heat inside. Sola-Cure anti-glare fabric blinds are fire retardant and durable. We offer a range of colours in this, one of our most stylish looking roller blind.

The blinds have made such a difference for the Marine Coordinators, great product and we’re so pleased with them.  Thanks for your speedy manufacturing and delivering such a fantastic product to us!

Jack Metcalfe

Assistant Harbor Master , ABP

AOur factory is ISO 9001 accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and all our window and maritime blinds are delivered with a 5-year warranty as standard. Our anti-glare maritime blinds are approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and our films independently tested by a UKAS approved test house. This guarantees the quality of the film and separates us from inferior quality films available from other maritime blinds suppliers.

Our spring-operated blinds have a damper in the mechanism that provides a controlled cushioned mechanism when the blind retracts inside the cassette. This prevents the bottom rail from colliding into the cassette and over time, becoming damaged. The speed of retraction can also be adjusted externally even after the blind is installed. A neat feature unique to Sola-Cure.


Marine anti-glare blinds produced using a durable perforated fabric. The fabric is available in two colour

Cassette and rail colours. We offer two options in c

The sun shade fabric or weave as it is sometimes referred, is designed to provide a comfortable environment whilst allowing you to see outside. This works even when facing directly into the sun. Sola-Cure anti-glare fabric window blinds are perfect for.

3rd party UKAS approved testing

As part of our type of approval process, Sola-Cure tests every new batch of film against the calculated data provided by the film manufacturer. This is important in ensuring compliance of the product as advertised. Where calculated data suggests for example, the film provides 90% glare reduction, we believe it important to test the film independently and certify it as such. Testing the film clarifies the quality of the product. Below is an example of test results from a recent batch of our best-selling film; Grey/Silver.


Calculated data

Test result

Light transmittance



Light reflection



Solar direct transmittance



Solar direct reflectance



Solar direct absorbance



UV rejection



Glare reduction




We see that in this example the film exceeded the calculated data. This batch of film was accepted through our QA process for manufacture. Films that do not comply with the calculated data are rejected as unsuitable for the clients’ purpose. We encourage clients to ask for certified test data before ordering blinds and in doing so, ensure the blinds will protect crew and staff as expected.


Our blinds fully adhere to the IMPA codes for marine blinds, including IMPA 150721 and IMPA 150722. The former features a spring mechanism that quickly retracts the blind into its housing case with a short pull, while the latter typically employs a chain retraction mechanism for the same purpose. Both blinds are grouped under the code IMPA 150713 as Blinder Rollers.

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