Anti-glare window blinds for Air Traffic Control Towers (ATC)

Anti-glare blinds • Air Traffic Window Shades

Our anti-glare sunshades allow ATC tower staff to monitor aircraft and ground movement, when the sun makes it difficult to see. Sola-Cure has supplied several air traffic control towers with anti-glare blinds. These include military and passenger airports around the world. Staff must be able to see aircraft leaving and arriving, even when looking towards the sun. It is most important that staff are not distracted and are able to concentrate. For this reason, Sola-Cure anti-glare blinds are essential in the ATC tower. Without using blinds, visibility is difficult, and the ATC tower can become very hot. Our solar shades eliminate 99% UV and a minimum of 97% glare.


Due to the typical shape of an air traffic control tower, windows are often a non-standard shape. They can be narrower at the bottom than the top for instance. This is very common in aviation and marine industries. We provide a price based on the width and drop. This price is fixed. After receiving our proposal and it is decided to proceed, we will then ask for more accurate sizes. Cutting angles to suit the glass is included in the original offer.


Staff must also be protected from harmful UV rays, even through glass. When they are exposed to UV rays for a long time, skin cancer and eye damage is a real threat. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of our UV resistant blinds.


Not only do our blinds protect staff from skin and eye damage, they reduce the temperature. This means there is less requirement for air conditioning which is good for energy and the environment.