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Glare reduction Improves visibility when facing and working towards the sun. Removes glare on monitors and PC screens, when the sun is behind or to the side of workers.
Eliminates Ultraviolet rays (UV) Protects staff skin and eyes from exposure to harmful UV rays. Protects internal furnishing from premature fade.
Heat rejection Helps maintain a comfortable working environment without the need for air conditioning
Security One-way visibility when the blind is down. Maintains privacy and anonymity if needed. Protects against theft.

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Remote Control 12V / 220V

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Anti-glare  marine blinds produced using a polymer film. The film is available in 3 different colours;

  • Grey (interior) / Grey (exterior)
  • Grey (Interior) / Metallic Silver (exterior)
  • Grey (Interior) / Metallic Gold (exterior)
  • Bronze (Interior) / Bronze (Exterior)
  • Bronze (Interior) / Silver (Exterior)

Cassette and rail colour options

  • Anodised Aluminium
  • Matt Black
  • Bespoke colours available based on quantity

Anti-glare material is designed to improve visibility in bright sunlight, eliminate UV, reduce heat, and provide security against theft. This makes our anti-glare blinds perfect for

  • Navigation windows on a boat wheelhouse and ships bridge
  • Cranes and Rigs
  • Watch towers, Observation towers
  • Traffic control towers
  • Security cabins
  • Ground floor offices

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We quote a fixed price from the width and drop of the window.

Glare: Under test, Sola-Cure anti-glare marine film blinds reduce glare by 94 to 97%. This provides a comfortable and safe working environment for Skippers, Captains, Crew, Operators and Workers. Precise operation of vessels, plant and machinery often means personnel looking toward the sun. Without anti-glare blinds, visibility is impaired and the operator unable to work safely and accurately.

Glare is also often a problem if the sun is shining on screens and monitors. This can be from windows behind or to the side of working staff. Having anti-glare blinds at those windows improves visibility and may allow for better use of the working area.

UV exposure: The polymer film is UV resistant, eliminating UV by at least 99%. UV is damaging to the skin and eyes especially when exposed to the sun for long periods. A recognised danger is that of skin cancer developing or long-term eye damage occurring. Employers have a responsibility to protect personnel from this risk.

Ultraviolet rays cause furniture and fabrics to fade quickly. Sola-Cure  marine blinds will prevent this premature ageing and means the interior design will not require a refit as often. This alone justifies the low cost of installing UV resistant blinds throughout.

Temperature control: Another important benefit of antiglare blinds is that they reduce the temperature inside the working area. This creates a more comfortable workplace and reduces air conditioning costs. Reducing your air conditioning use not only saves money, it helps protect the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.

Security: In addition to all the above benefits, the silver and gold metallic films provide excellent one-way visibility. This is a great feature for security cabins or check points. Unlike permanent films, the blind can be rolled up when two-way visibility or the security feature is no longer necessary. In the same way, private owners of boats or offices may wish to stop people being able to see inside. This protects against theft with the added benefit that those inside can see outside with total clarity.

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