In addition to the traditional blind for the bridge and wheelhouse, Sola-Cure offers a more basic model of blind for non navigation windows. These are typically port and starboard windows where crew or passengers requires improved visibility of monitors such as those on survey vessels.

Our low-cost, ‘luxury’ window blinds are made to stock and are suitable for rectangular windows only (though they can be trimmed and cut to suit by the client). Blinds are available in widths of 500mm to 1500mm, stepping up in 250mm increments. These blinds are available in grey/gold and grey/silver film. They also include our unique cushioned damper system to protect the blind as the bottom rail retracts towards the roller.


Mounting brackets can be positioned on a horizontal surface above the windows (ceiling or recess) or they can be mounted on to a vertical surface above the window. One simple operation allows the user to lock the spring load and mount the blind securely.

Our Anti glare blinds offer 99% Protection
Our Anti glare blinds offer 99% Protection

All our blinds have excellent glare reduction qualities

  • Protecting against direct and reflected sunlight
  • Proving a safer environment when navigating
  • Reducing eye fatigue
  •  All Sola-Cure products reduce ultra-violet transmissions by least 99%
  • Shielding crew and passengers from the cause of skin damage
  • Solar-Cure films provide outstanding solar energy rejection
  • Creating a cooler working environment for crew and passengers
  • Protecting furniture and instruments from fading and excessive heat

To validate the manufactures calculated data we independently test all our films at UKAS approved laboratory.This ensures only the highest quality film is used and conforms to the data supplied