There are many benefits to using  Anti -Glare Blinds both Safety, Health for Crew as well as creating a better working and more pleasant working environment.The blinds reduce glare by up to 97%  and UVA rays by up to  a minimum 99%

Among the many Benefits The Key ones are:


  • Eliminates glare on monitors
  • Improved safety when navigating
  • Protects crew from harmful UV rays
  • Improves instrument visibility
  • Protects eyes from direct and reflected sunlight
  • creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabric and furnishings from fade


  • LRS approved
  • Manufactured ti ISO9001 quality assurance
  • Cushioned damper system on retraction
  • External speed adjustment for retraction
  • Glare reduction
  • Over 99% UV protection
  • Excellent solar energy  rejection
  • Shades available in grey,silver,gold and bronze
  • Suitable for inclined  and overhead windows
  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms
  • Suitable for restricted spaces
  • Made to measure
  • 5 year warranty