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Choose from 48 colours in the Serene blackout range. All blind material colours can be produced with either a matt black or aluminium anodised cassette and bottom rail.

Sola-Cure blackout blinds are produced in a choice of two styles: our Serene range and Heavy-Duty blackout material:

Serene blackout boat blinds – available in 50 colours. Light and durable fabric.

Heavy duty commercial blackout boat blinds – PVC/fibreglass hybrid available in 7 colours

Cassette and rail colour options

We offer a choice of anodised aluminium cassette and rail or matt black cassette and rail

Sola-Cure blackout blinds are made for use on ships, boats, rigs, or offshore platforms. As the name suggests, they eliminate light entirely from the window and are an ideal solution for accommodation and other areas across the maritime sector

Cruise ship cabin windows

Cruise ship and ferry reception, lounges, and public areas

Accommodation areas on rigs and commercial ships

Meeting rooms

Serene Blackout Boat Blinds: These are a fabric blind that is fire retardant to IMO regulations. The material is anti-microbial and available in a wide choice of colours to suit corporate branding and imaging. Serene blackout blinds are installed in the cabins and public areas of cruise ships and ferries. They are durable and easy to clean. We offer several ways to operate the blind including chain, motor, and our recommended option; manual operation with a handle on the bottom rail. All our blackout blinds are designed to look great and withstand a lot of use without damage thus minimising replacement costs. The cassette of the blind is intentionally small to satisfy the cabin design and space restrictions that often exist on board.

Fire retardant to IMO regs • Antimicrobial • Wide range of colours • Shallow cassette

Heavy Duty Blackout Boat Blinds: These are a heavy-duty 4-ply material produced from a combination of PVC and fibreglass. Sola-Cure HD blinds are available in 7 colours. The PVC exterior allows you to wipe the material clean which makes them suitable for the most industrial of environments. They are also well suited to bedrooms, meeting rooms and other areas on board a vessel or rig. Sola-Cure HD blackout blinds are also fire retardant to the latest IMO regulations. In addition, the material is antimicrobial to help ensure a clean product.

Despite the heavy-duty material, we use the standard Sola-Cure cassette. This cassette has minimal depth and are suitable for restricted spaces

Fire retardant to IMO regs • Antimicrobial • Choice of 7 colours • Shallow cassette

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