The Very Best In Quality Blinds For Boats


Our factory is ISO 9001 accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and all our window and maritime blinds are delivered with a 5-year warranty as standard. Our anti-glare  maritime blinds are type approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) and our films independently tested by a UKAS approved test house. This guarantees the quality of the film and separates us from inferior quality films available from other maritime blinds suppliers.

Our blinds have a damper in the spring mechanism that provides a controlled cushioned mechanism when the blind retracts inside the cassette. This prevents the bottom rail from smashing into the cassette and over time, becoming damaged. The speed of retraction can also be adjusted externally even after the blind is installed. A neat feature unique to Sola-Cure.

3rd party UKAS approved testing

As part of our type approval process, Sola-Cure tests every new batch of film against the calculated data provided by the film manufacturer. This is important in ensuring compliance of the product as advertised. Where calculated data suggests for example, the film provides 90% glare reduction, we believe it important to test the film independently and certify it as such. Testing the film clarifies the quality of the product. Below is an example of test results from a recent batch of our best-selling film; Grey/Silver.

CharacteristicCalculated dataTest result
Light transmittance9%5%
Light reflection57%64%
Solar direct transmittance10%6%
Solar direct reflectance59%63%
Solar direct absorbance31%31%
UV rejection99%100%
Glare reduction90%95%


We see that in this example the film exceeded the calculated data. This batch of film was accepted through our QA process for manufacture. Films that do not comply with the calculated data are rejected as unsuitable for the clients’ purpose. We encourage clients to ask for certified test data before ordering blinds and in doing so, ensure the blinds will protect crew and staff as expected.

Type approval: Lloyds Register of Shipping

LLoyds approval for our maritime blinds


In May 2011, Sola-Cure received its type approval certificate from LRS. Our certificate covers type approval and design appraisal. Whilst class approval is not a necessity, it is often used as an indication of the quality of the supplier’s quality assurance system and consequently the quality of the product.

Our type approval certificate was renewed in July 2016 and expires in 2021.


SOLAS (Anti-glare blinds for navigation windows)

In respect of navigational safety and the use of sun screens, SOLAS regulations refer directly to ISO8468:2007. Below is the relevant extract.


ISO8468:2007 Ships and Marine Technology – Ship’s bridge layout and associated equipment – Requirements and guidelines.

To ensure a clear view in bright sunshine, sunscreens with minimum colour distortion should be provided at all windows in front of workstations. Such screens should be readily removable and not permanently installed.”



Fire retardant materials and compliance (Blackout Blinds For Boats)

IMO approval for our maritime blinds


Sola-Cure blackout maritime blinds comply with the latest IMO regulations concerning fire retardant materials. Our blackout material has been tested and certified to comply with IMO A563 (14) part 7. IMO regulations are more stringent than domestic fire resistance certificates and we would guard against reliance on domestic certification being suitable for maritime use. The standard domestic fire-retardant accreditation is NFPA 701 / M2. Our blackout blinds  for boats also comply with this regulation.Our experience shows that compliance with NFPA 701/M2 does not guarantee compliance with IMO regulations.instrumentation on board, always.


The cost of boat shade blinds is a fraction of the electronic navigation and operational equipment on board. We would always recommend the use of anti-glare blinds to maximize the usefulness of that investment