Bomb Blast Protection Film
Bomb Blast Protection Film


An unfortunate consideration for shipowners today is a need to protect crew in the bridge from external explosion if a vessel comes under attack. Terrorism and piracy are very real threats at sea for commercial vessels. (Naval vessels may consider Sola-Cure Bomb Blast Mitigation+ window film – see below)

In the event of an attack in which explosives are used to penetrate the bridge, or impact the ability to operate the vessel, crew could be maimed or killed by lethal shards of flying glass. Applying Sola-Cure safety film dramatically reduces that possibility.

Sola-Cure are suppliers of high impact resistant film that is placed internally across all bridge windows. A clear film that does not compromise IMO SOLAS regulations, Sola-Cure blast mitigation film is an impressive 300 microns thick (12 mil) and has a break strength of 58,800 N/metres. For peace of mind, this high tear resistant safety film is supplied with a 10-year warranty.

Properties: Bomb Blast Mitigation Film

Warranty: 10 years

Thickness: 300 microns (12 mil)

Tensile strength at break: 193 N/mm2 / 28,000 psi

Break strength: 58,800 N/m

Elongation at break 125%

Compliance: BS EN 12600 impact testing.



bomb blast mitigation film



NAVAL VESSELS: Mitigation+


By their very nature, Naval vessels are more likely to encounter environments in which explosions occur near the bridge windows. Sola-Cure recommends that vessels such as these consider the use of its Mitigation+ safety film.

Mitigation+ has a thickness of 375 microns (15 mil) and passes the Steel Ball Test according to DIN 52290 Part 4 stress type A1. Under test, tensile strength is recorded at 209 N/mm2 which is 8% higher than the above, Sola-Cure blast mitigation film.


Properties of bomb blast mitigation film


Warranty: 10 years

Thickness: 375 microns (15 mil)

Tensile strength at break: 209 N/mm2 / 30,300 psi

Elongation at break 120%

Compliance: Steel Ball Test, DIN 52290 Part 4 Stress type A1


Installation of bomb blast mitigation film


Due to its thickness, Sola-Cure bomb blast mitigation film is very easily applied to the bridge window. It is an adhesive film supplied with a backing sheet that is peeled away before application. Air pockets and creases are easily avoided due to the quality and thickness of our film.

Where windows have equipment embedded, such as wiper motors or clear glass rotary devices, the film can be cut around the device without compromising the quality, properties and effectiveness of the blast mitigation film.


Installation kit: Along with our film, Sola-Cure can provide a tool kit that makes installation a quick and effortless process.


Supply options


Vessel owners have several options with regards the scope of supply. Sola-Cure can supply one single roll that is cut to suit on site. Alternatively, the film is cut oversize though specifically for window sizes provided. A third option being that film is cut exactly to suit the window. Please note though that in this option, clear glass window sizes and radii must be supplied. Where film is cut to suit specific windows, each piece of film is clearly identified to match the corresponding window number.