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There are many challenges to the maritime and offshore industries. It is unfortunate that one of these is the threat of explosion and acts of terrorism and piracy. Because of this, Ship Owners recognise the threat posed to crew inside the bridge whilst under attack. Owners have a duty of care to their crew.

Sola-Cure helps to combat the dangers caused by explosions such as grenade attack. This can cause the bridge glass from shattering into the bridge. The danger is that millions of tiny fragments of glass are flying at high speed and potentially cause serious injury. We therefore recommend our bomb blast mitigation film which is inexpensive and could prevent serious injury.

Sola-Cure offers high quality bomb blast mitigation film that is applied to the inside of the bridge windows. It is a clear film that does not affect visibility. It is very easy to install by the crew and is supplied with an additional 20mm (3/4”) of film around the sizes provided for cutting on site. Owners provide us with the windows shape and size. Film is cut and includes angles which is common in bridge window shapes.

Our bomb blast mitigation film is of the highest quality and conforms to BS EN 12600 impact testing. Our film carries an impressive Graves tear test figure and an equally impressive tensile strength at break figure (see below). We recommend that all Ship Owners and Ship Management companies investigate the technical properties of the film being proposed for use in such a critical situation. As such we welcome requests for certification that demonstrate suitability of a bomb blast film.

Sola-Cure explosion mitigation film carries a 10 year warranty and will not discolour after just a few years of use.

Technical specification of Sola-Cure bomb blast mitigation films: –

  • Thickness: 150 microns / 6 mil
  • Tensile strength at break: 350 N/mm2 / 50,700 psi
  • Graves tear resistance 900 Nmm
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • When applied, the glass complies with BS EN 12600 impact testing

Installation kits are supplied with orders for bomb blast film and instruction for fitting. As the film is thick, it is unlikely that it becomes damaged and is therefore user friendly for crew or yard workers that may have no previous experience.

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