Commercial  Blinds

commercial blinds for control towers,offices ,aviation towers and crane operators

Outside of the maritime sector, Sola-Cure has identified many applications in which anti-glare blinds have proved to be incredibly effective, offering a viable alternative to adhesive solar films that are often deployed. The main advantage of blinds being the ability to retract the film when not required.

Common applications:

  • Air traffic control towers

  • Crane cabs

  • Construction cranes

  • Agricultural vehicles

  • Security cabins

  • Rigs and offshore platforms

  • Offices

Anti-glare commercial blinds

Sola-Cure are suppliers of anti-glare blinds. We have a long and impressive reference list of projects and returning clients. Anti-glare blinds are suitable for the above environments and more. Our blinds are delivered with a 5-year warranty as standard and we have supplied to over 30 countries worldwide.

Our commercial anti-glare blinds are a cost-effective solution for combating glare from the sun. Often referred to as solar screens, sun shades or sunscreens, our anti-glare blinds reduce glare by up to 97% and are used in the marine, offshore, aviation and security sectors. Eliminating glare is critical when tasks necessitate looking towards the sun (air traffic control, external security cabins, crane and agricultural/construction vehicle operators), or using monitors and digital displays. In addition to substantial glare reduction, Sola-Cure blinds also significantly reduce heat in the workplace, and therefore reduce air conditioning demands.

Security and Privacy

Reflective films are available as an option when ordering Sola-Cure anti-glare blinds. When installed internally looking out, the blinds create one-way visibility during daytime hours. From the outside, people will see only a reflection of themselves. From the inside, full transparency with glare-free visibility is enjoyed. This makes the blinds perfect for any environment where one-way security checks are essential, or where it is not desirable to have potential intruders or other unwelcome guests looking in. Furthermore, being a blind, the reflective material can be retracted when not required.

Blinds are easily installed and removed. Specifying blinds may minimise approval concerns when liaising with owners, landlords, councils or approval societies and committees.

Anti-glare commercial binds : performance


  • Under test our commercial blinds  reduce glare by up to 97%. Tests are conducted by an independent 3rd party UKAS approved test house.
  • Data shows Sola-Cure anti-glare commercial  blinds provide total solar energy rejection of up to 94%, making them ideal for reducing heat and air conditioning costs in buildings and vessels.

Anti-glare: Features


  • LRS approved
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 quality assurance
  • Cushioned damper system on retraction
  • External speed adjustment for retraction
  • Glare reduction
  • Over 99% UV protection
  • Excellent solar energy rejection
  • Shades available in Grey, Silver, Gold and Bronze
  • Suitable for inclined and overhead windows
  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms
  • Suitable for restricted spaces
  • Made to measure
  • 5-year warranty

Anti-glare: Benefits

  • Eliminates glare on monitors
  • Provides one way visibility for security and privacy
  • Improved safety when operating moving machinery
  • Protects staff from harmful UV rays
  • Improves instrument visibility
  • Protects eyes from direct and reflected sunlight
  • Creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabric and furnishings from fade