Control Mechanism 

Chain operated

• Chain operated blinds are a safe and functional option with a choice of chains available at no extra cost.

• Each chain operated blind is supplied with a child friendly chain and cord safety device.

Chain options:

• Plastic – white, cream, brown, grey, black

• Nickel – natural, black, grey

• Brass – antique, natural

• Bronze

Spring operated

• Spring operated blinds eliminate the need for operating cords or chains. They can be locked at various positions providing partial and full coverage. They are released with a short pull on the bottom bar of the blind.

• For restricted spaces, Sola-Cure offer a special low-profile blind that sits just 40mm away from the wall.

Motorised blinds

• A range of motorised blinds are available that can be hard wired or powered by a lithium battery

• Hard wired installations provide a number of options; one switch to control all blinds, one switch per blind or remote control operation of up to 15 blinds per remote

• Lithium battery powered blinds are ideal for retro-fit applications as they eliminate the need for wires. The motor can be recharged when required (approx. every 600 operations).