Sola-Cure offers a unique range of marine blackout blinds for the marine and offshore industries. Stylish and practical, our blinds are available with many options to suit every budget. Launched in 2015, our blackout blinds are proving to be incredibly popular in both leisure and commercial environments. Standard features across the range include the stylish metallic end fittings on the cassette and the bottom rail. Sola-Cure offers many different options from simple chain operation to remote control motorised options.

Quick and easy to install marine black out blinds

  • Compliant with relevant fire retardant IMO regulations.
  • 4 ply PVC/fibreglass composition
  • Anti-microbial properties reduce the spread of bacteria
  • Durable, easy maintenance blind



  • Available with chain, spring return or motorised mechanism.
  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • Interchangeable fascia and end caps for a unique, customized appearance
  • Side rails available to prevent movement at sea. Also ideal for inclined and overhead windows.
  • Select from a range of 8 colours of blind material
  • Choice of 5 fascia colours and 6 end fitting styles
  • Special low profile blinds available for restricted spaces
  • Sola-Cure offers a range of 8 colours; Jet Black, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Antique Burgundy, Steel Grey, Cream, Desert Sand and Arctic White


• Fire resistance (Maritime): IMO A563 (14)

Part 7. (Domestic): NFPA 701 / M2

• Composition: 4 ply hybrid of PVC and fibreglass

• Anti-microbial: Yes

• Weight: 480 g/m2

Facias and end fittings


Solar cure End fittings


End fittings in a range of choices


• A range of fascia end fittings allow clients to create bespoke blinds to suit their interior design

• End Fitting Colours:

• Brushed steel

• Chrome

• White

• Cream

• Bronze

• Black chrome

• Gold

• Depending on the method selected for stability, end caps

Chain operated

• Chain operated blinds are a safe and functional option with a choice of chains available at no extra cost.

• Each chain operated blind is supplied with a child friendly chain and cord safety device.

Chain options:

• Plastic – white, cream, brown, grey, black

• Nickel – natural, black, grey

• Brass – antique, natural

• Bronze

Spring operated

• Spring operated blinds eliminate the need for operating cords or chains. They can be locked at various positions providing partial and full coverage. They are released with a short pull on the bottom bar of the blind.

• For restricted spaces, Sola-Cure offer a special low-profile blind that sits just 40mm away from the wall.

Motorised blinds

• A range of motorised blinds are available that can be hard wired or powered by a lithium battery

• Hard wired installations provide a number of options; one switch to control all blinds, one switch per blind or remote control operation of up to 15 blinds per remote

• Lithium battery powered blinds are ideal for retro-fit applications as they eliminate the need for wires. The motor can be recharged when required (approx. every 600 operations).

Stability at sea

With the blinds partially or fully down, It is desirable to minimise movement whilst at sea. At Sola-Cure we provide a number of options for stability:

• Side rails – the bottom bar of the blind sits inside side rails mounted either side of the window. Side rails are available in aluminium and PVC

• Wire guides – taught vertical wires affixed to the cassette, travel through eyelets positioned at each end of the bottom bar. Wire guide basesare situated in a suitable location beneath the window

• Bottom bar hook system. The simplest option in which the bottom bar is supplied with location pegs in the end. These pegs are located into hooks that are fixed to the wall.

Through our innovative guide, our marine blackout blinds are kept parallel to the window which limits movement in rough weather

stability at sea