We are often asked how best to measure windows in the wheelhouse and bridge. Marine windows are often deceptively unusual shapes, particularly when mounted on an incline typical of a marine application. As such, we have created the following information to help.


  • Tape measure
  • Pencil and notepad
  • Masking tape

Marine windows typically have large radii in the corner. Using the masking tape, place tape in the corner as shown above (right). This creates a sharp corner for measuring up to and from.

  • Sketch the shape of the window on the notepad
  • Measure corner to corner diagonally and add the dimension to your sketch
  • Measure from the opposite corners. Add the dimension to your sketch.
  • Measure along each of the 4 sides and again, add to the sketch.

Mounting above the window

It is preferable to mount the blind above the window. If the window is wider at the bottom though, clients may prefer to mount the blind below the window and pull the blind up rather than down.

The Sola-Cure cassette has a depth of 56mm. With the mounting block, the cassette measures 64mm. This means that if you want the cassette to be above the window and not affecting visibility at all, there must be at least this amount of space available.