UV Boat Blinds


Sola-Cure makes roller boat blinds for the bridge, wheelhouse and cabin windows on boats, ships and cranes. The purpose of the  anti-glare UV boat blinds is to help the crew or operator see when the sun shines in their eyes. The glare from the sun is removed when the boat blind is pulled down. Glare is not always created directly but also when the sun reflects off the water. With the Sola-Cure  boat blind down, it is possible to see clearly and work safely.

The blind material is a polymer film. It can be reflective on the outside in silver or gold. Sola-Cure marine blinds are also available in a non-reflective grey. This is good for inland waters when reflection is not good for passing vessels.

Heat is also a problem that makes the wheelhouse or cabin very hot and uncomfortable. Not only do Sola-Cure boat blinds remove glare, they also reduce heat. When pulling down our boat blinds, the drop, in temperature is instant. This comfortable working area is created with less demand from the air conditioning system. In this case, Sola-Cure boat window shades blinds are good for the environment as well.

Protection of staff is very important. When the operator is exposed to the sun, these are harmful UV rays. UV rays travel through glass, and cause damage to the eyes and skin. This is a bigger problem when staff are exposed for a long time such as Skippers and crane operators. While risk of long-term illness exists, crew can also suffer short term eye damage or headaches. If operators or skippers cannot work, even for 1 or 2 days, this can be costly.

Removing UV rays protects furniture and fabrics from fading. This is a real cost saving benefit as the sun causes a lot of colour loss in a short time. Sola-Cure boat blinds stop this fading because UV is the cause of the problem. Wood and fabric changes colour very fast and looks old very quickly. Using Sola-Cure UV boat blinds will slow down this process and extend time between refurbishment.

Our boat blinds are made to suit your window shape. We know that it is common to have boat windows with angles and other unusual shapes. This is typical and Sola-Cure has many years’ experience with all kinds of shape and size of marine window. Very often, our customers ask us to make a 2D drawing of their window. When we do this, we show that we can fully cover the glass and where the blind will be fixed.

Typical marine use for anti-glare boat  blinds: Wheelhouse windows, Bridge windows, Crane cabin windows, Pilot house overhead windows.




Among The Many Benefits  Of  UV Boat Blinds.

The Main Ones Are:


  • Eliminates glare on monitors
  • Improved safety when navigating
  • Protects crew from harmful UV rays
  • Improves instrument visibility
  • Protects eyes from direct and reflected sunlight
  • creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabric and furnishings from fade

Boat Blinds Features: Anti-Glare / Navigation Blinds

  • LRS approved
  • Manufactured ti ISO9001 quality assurance
  • Cushioned damper system on retraction
  • External speed adjustment for retraction
  • Glare reduction
  • Over 99% UV protection
  • Excellent solar energy  rejection
  • Shades available in grey,silver,gold and bronze
  • Suitable for inclined  and overhead windows
  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms
  • Suitable for restricted spaces
  • Made to measure
  • 5 year warranty









 Bronze / SilverBronze / BronzeSilver / SilverGrey / SilverGrey / GreyGrey / Gold
Solar direct transmission3%27%2%10%24%9%
Solar direct reflection75%16%79%61%17%50%
Solar direct absorption22%57%19%29%60%41%
Visible light transmission2%15%2%7%10%7%
Visible light reflection, exterior74%10%83%58%9%43%
Visible light reflection, interior17%10%81%16%9%15%
UV rejection>99%>99%>99%>99%>99%>99%
G value0.
Shading co-efficient0.070.460.080.190.440.21
Total solar energy rejection94%60%93%84%62%82%
Glare reduction98%83%97%92%89%92%
Colour rendering index848283767383

Fabric Anti-Glare  Boat Blinds

Anti-Glare Blinds • Marine Sunscreens • Privacy Blinds • Heat Reducing Blinds

The sun can make areas of a ship or boat very hot. Also, it can cause passengers discomfort if it is directly in the eyes. It is possible to use curtains or blackout blinds, but this means people cannot enjoy the views. For this situation, Sola-Cure fabric sunscreen boat blinds are the perfect solution.

The fabric has many tiny holes which allows passengers to see outside. This type of material reduces glare from the sun and heat inside. Because the material is fabric, it is not so easy to damage and will last a long time. It is also safe to use on board ships and boats as it meets fire regulation rules.