Options For Marine Blinds

We provide our customers with a number of options to suit their preference. Simply let us know which options you would like and we will manufacture your blind to suit your requirements.

CT Constant Tension.
A spring loaded roller mechanism that is constantly under tension. Lock the
blind in position with the pull cord clamp.


SL Self Locking
The self locking mechanism allows the user to draw the blind to the desired position
and automatically lock it in position.A quick release mechanism is activated when the cord is pulled.

Pull cord square and clamp
All our blinds are supplied with a pull cord square and clamp.
The pull cord can be located to the left, right or centre of the blind.
Wire Guide
Wire guides are used to keep the blind parallel to the glass. They are necessary for inclined windows and overhead window applications where the cassette is to be housed at the base of the window. As with all our blinds, the wire guide option is incredibly quick and easy to install.