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Blinds For Air Traffic Control Towers and Crane Cabs

In addition to being used in the marine industry our Anti-glare blinds are used in other land-based settings.

Among the most popular use are air traffic control towers and crane cabs.

For all applications our blinds are still made to the same very high standards that afford us marine standard American Bureau of Shipping accreditation

In addition our blinds come with a 5 year guarantee.

So, you can be assured you are getting a quality product.


Sola-Cure  maunufactured  and supplied custom made Anti-glare  blinds  to the the air traffic control tower at the world famous Gilbrator International Airport.

Anti-glare Window Blinds

For Air Traffic Control Towers (ATC)

Anti-glare blinds • Air Traffic Window Shades

Our anti-glare sunshades allow ATC tower staff to monitor aircraft and ground movement, when the sun makes it difficult to see. Sola-Cure has supplied several air traffic control towers with anti-glare blinds. These include military and passenger airports around the world. Staff must be able to see aircraft leaving and arriving, even when looking towards the sun. It is most important that staff are not distracted and are able to concentrate. For this reason, Sola-Cure anti-glare blinds are essential in the ATC tower. Without using blinds, visibility is difficult, and the ATC tower can become very hot. Our solar shades eliminate 99% UV and a minimum of 97% glare.


Due to the typical shape of an air traffic control tower, windows are often a non-standard shape. They can be narrower at the bottom than the top for instance. This is very common in aviation and marine industries. We provide a price based on the width and drop. This price is fixed. After receiving our proposal and it is decided to proceed, we will then ask for more accurate sizes. Cutting angles to suit the glass is included in the original offer.


Staff must also be protected from harmful UV rays, even through glass. When they are exposed to UV rays for a long time, skin cancer and eye damage is a real threat. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of our UV resistant blinds.


Not only do our blinds protect staff from skin and eye damage, they reduce the temperature. This means there is less requirement for air conditioning which is good for energy and the environment.

Crane Cabin Blinds

Crane operators demand a safe and comfortable environment to work in. It is most important that visibility is as clear as possible. The biggest problem for crane cabin operators comes from the sun. Glare from the sun prevents the driver from seeing clearly, and impacts their ability to establish the environment around them. In the winter months, heat from the sun may not be as intense but the sun is lower and glare becomes an even bigger problem than in summer. With such a critical and hazardous task as crane operation, it is imperative that crane cabins protect their drivers against the glare from the sun. Sola-Cure anti-glare roller blinds can be easily pulled down to provide protection and ensure clear visibility, even when working towards the sun. As these are roller blinds, the crane driver can retract the blinds when there is no sun and protection is not required. This makes sun protection roller blinds far more suitable than permanent film which is glued to the glass.


Whilst improving visibility is an obvious requirement and advantage when using Sola-Cure blinds, they also protect against harmful UV exposure. Crane operators are exposed to the sun for long periods and this will cause serious damage to the eyes and skin, even through glass. Sola-Cure blinds are tested and proven to eliminate at least 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Sola Cure blinds are acknowledged by the Skin Cancer Foundation, for their elimination of UV exposure.

There are further benefits to having Sola-Cure blinds inside the crane cab. The sun causes fade to the furniture inside the cab. This would include the operator seat and other hardware. Using Sola-Cure roller blinds will not only eliminate UV exposure to the operators skin and eyes. It will also protect the furniture from premature fading. This is a commercial consideration as often cabins are refurbished when they become dated and looking worn.



For fully enclosed crane cabins, heat can become an issue for the operator. Heat can lead to exhaustion and tiredness which in turn increases risk and impacts efficiency. Sola Cure blinds reject heat and maintain a cool working environment for the operator. The sun can also create hot surfaces inside the cab which when touched, can burn and shock the operator. As with the general temperature inside the cabin, our blinds will prevent metal surfaces from becoming too hot.

3D Modelling

From our experience of supplying blinds for crane cabins, Sola-Cure are aware that other equipment around the cabin may be seen as obstacles to the installation of blinds. We have a wealth of experience in creating 3D models of our clients crane cabs. Working from photographs and client models, we can establish the best mounting position of our blinds that avoids any existing equipment. This is typically radio equipment, safety rails and window opening handles.

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