Reflective Window Film And Reflective Window Film Blinds

We Supply Both Reflective Window Film  And Reflective Window Film Blinds 


Privacy Window Blinds: Security Against Theft.

Sola-Cure one way blinds provide security against theft on boats,ships,offices,schools,factories and public buildings. Our reflective window films are available in gold and silver allow those inside the vessel or building to see out yet importantly from the outside.So any would be intruders can only see a reflection of themselves. They are not able to see inside through the blind material. And this prevents them from checking if the boat or building is empty and from noting any valuables that may be visible inside.

Privacy From Inquisitive Eyes

In addition to security against theft, they  also provide privacy. With our reflective film blinds those inside the boat or building can see outside whilst those outside cannot pry inside. This is a benefit for people living on board yachts, barges and other pleasure craft as well as ground floor apartments, offices and homes. So while most people have no intention of stealing goods, there is a common tendency to peer inside through curiosity. This can be frustrating for those inside, closing traditional fabric curtains or blinds will eliminate prying, however it also blocks out natural daylight and requires having the lights switched on.

one way blinds for privacy and security
one way blinds privacy blinds blinds for offices,showrooms