Sola-Cure are part of the Auxano Technologies Group. The foundations of our business are laid in the Maritime sector where Auxano also supplies advanced technology propulsion parts.In addition to supplying marine blinds solar-cure blinds are also ideal  for aviation,security and crane cabs.In fact anywhere that would benefit glare reduction to improve visibility.

Sola-cure blinds  bind are manufactured to a very  high standard  and boast UV protection up to 99% and glare reduction of up to 75%. Sola-cure  have independently have had our blinds tested to validate their specifications in both glare reduction  and UV filtering  (BS-EN-410:1998) they are also Lloyd’s approved.

In addition

Our headquarters are situated in Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. It is here that our product development, design, sales, accounting and administrative responsibilities are carried out. To facilitate the international marine market, Sola-Cure has a network of sales representatives across the globe.

Sola-Cure welcomes you to our web-site. We thank you for your visit and look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating the excellent service and high quality products available. Sola-cure has a global network of agents across the world and will trade locally in your language. They stock a full range of blinds from our anti-glare blind that improve visibility and blackout blinds


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