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There are 3 options when deciding how to stabilise your Sola-Cure boat blind at sea

Wire guides

Side Rails

Retaining pins

Sola-Cure offers several options in how to stabilise the blinds at sea and/or how to ensure the blind runs parallel to an inclined window. Stability at sea options allow for blinds to be mounted at any angle, even horizontal, overhead windows.

Wire guides – This involves two wires that run from the head of the cassette to a fixed position on the boat beneath the window. The rail of the blind is fitted with two eyelets with the wire inserted through them. The wires guide the blind and prevent the rail from swinging around at sea. At the base of the window, wire guide bases can be fixed to a horizontal or vertical surface. The base has an easy to use built-in clutch spring system.

Compatible with operating type: – Operating cord, Chain, Motorised and Handle.


Side Channels – These are suited only to square or rectangular windows. Side channels are fitted to each side of the window. As the blind is drawn down, the bottom rail of the blind sits inside the channels at each side. 

Compatible with operating type: – Operating cord, Chain, Motorised and Handle

 Retaining pins – This is a very neat solution in which there is a male pin on each end of the bottom rail in the blind. Hooks are fitted to a fixed point beneath the window. The blind is pulled down using a handle and the pin fitted underneath the hook. This stops the blind from retracting until the rail and pins are disengaged from the hook. The hook can be mounted to a horizontal or a vertical surface.

Compatible with operating type: – Handle

Note: Retaining pins mean the blind is either fully down or fully up.



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