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The Serene range of  blackout blinds for boats are available in a choice of 48 colors. With such a large variety of colours, it is easy to find a match to any boat or ships interior. Our material provides blackout and meets fire regulations for the marine industry. It is also easy to keep clean with a damp cloth and has protection against fungal damp 


Serene ships blackout blinds should be considered for cruise ships and ferries. They can be installed in many different areas of the vessel. Our blinds are neat and stylish. The cassette holding the blind is very small which is important in cabins and small areas. For truly unique style, Sola-Cure can powder coat the cassette and rail to match the blind material. 


We can fit the Serene marine blinds with a handle on the bottom rail or supply them with a chain. A handle is a nice option for spring loaded blinds. It is even possible to have blinds with a motor. The blinds can be pulled down by pressing a button on the wall, or by remote control. 


Blackout blinds are not only for bedrooms or accommodation. Sola-Cure has supplied blackout blinds on passenger ferries. In these cases, they were fitted in the main seating area. Passengers wishing to remove heat or glare, can pull the blind down. Blackout blinds are also used in restaurants, bars and the casino on some ships. 


A feature of single colour blinds is that unlike patterns, the design does not age in style. So our blinds will last a long time. Also, because they are so easy to keep clean, Serene blackout blinds always look new and fresh. 


If you would like more information about our Serene range, please contact us We are happy to send sample cards which has a small sample of each colour. Our feeling is that it is always better to see and feel a sample. 


Typical use on cruise ships and ferries: Bedroom, accommodation area. Dining area, Bars, Casino and gymnasium. Staff and crew areas such as offices, galley and relaxation rooms.

Heavy Duty Blackout Blinds For Boats

Blackout Blinds • Anti-Microbial Blinds • Fire Safe Boat Blinds • Offshore Platform Window Blinds

Our heavy duty blackout blinds are most suitable for commercial ships and working boats. The blind material is made from PVC and fibreglass and is cleaned with a damp cloth. We offer a choice of 8 colours .Because of the gloss surface, they are perfect for fitting in areas where fabric will become dirty too easily.


Sola-Cure blackout blinds have been supplied to many commercial vessels where staff sleep in the daytime. They are very good in areas on offshore rigs and platforms.




Mechanism: 3 Types Of Operation

At Sola-Cure we offer different ways to operate the boat blind. We make spring type, chain operation and motor driven marine blinds.

Spring type blinds are pulled down either by a pulley cord or by a handle. A pulley cord is useful if you cannot easily reach the window. The handle is good if you want to avoid having loose cord on board. There are two type of spring which are self-locking and constant tension. Self-locking means the blind can stop at different positions. Constant tension means that the blind is always trying to retract so the material is always tight.

Spring Type Blinds Are The Standard Sola-Cure Type. There Are Two Other Options

Chain type boat blinds are common in homes and offices. When pulling the chain in one direction, the blind comes down. If the chain is pulled in the opposite direction, the blind goes up. The chain is connected to the roller. This is supplied with a chain holder to look tidy and avoid loose chain swinging around at sea.

Motorised marine blinds are very convenient on large vessels with many windows. And there are two types of motor available. A 12V motor that can be recharged is suitable for smaller vessels. Also the motor can be charged without removing the blind for this type of blind