Anti-Glare Window Blinds For Tower Crane Cabins

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Crane operators must overcome glare when working. The sun will make it hard to focus and see clearly. When we consider the important role of crane operators, it is easy to see why anti-glare blinds are needed. It is very important that cargo is moved safely and without injury to people or damage to goods.


UV Protection For Skin And Eyes

Consider too, that crane operators are exposed to harmful UV rays through the cabin glass. Over time, eyes and skin will become damaged. The employer has a duty of care to its staff. When fitting Sola-Cure crane sun screens, operators can work with greater comfort. There will be less heat and no pain to the eyes when trying to focus. Ability to see is improved. In the long term, they will be protected from skin cancer and eye damage.


Sola-Cure has supplied anti-glare blinds to many crane operators with many types of crane. We have many returning clients in the USA and across South East Asia. Gantry cranes, Harbour cranes, Straight Boom and Quay cranes has been fitted with our window blinds. We can make simple blinds with a handle on the bottom rail. If the operator cannot reach the blind from sitting, we can supply blinds with an operating cord.


Crane Window Blinds Stability

In the same way that Sola-Cure must consider stability of the blind at sea, we can make crane sun shades stable. There are several options to secure the blind and reduce shaking when the crane is moving. The blinds are suitable for non-rectangular windows and when the crane cabin window is inclined. This is where our experience with boats and ships is used.


Sola-Cure blinds are a low-cost item with many benefits. Typically, there will be just one or three blinds to each crane cabin. This means the cost per crane is very low and can be justified. We offer pre-made blinds in various sizes. These may suit some crane cabin windows. Most blinds are made to measure yet are inexpensive.


For a fixed price, we need only the width and depth of the window. If we need to make special cuts to suit the window shape, the price remains.


Typical use in cranes: Mobile Harbour Cranes, Quay Cranes, Gantry cranes, Boom cranes.