Window Films-Marine blinds

Sola-cure offer a range of highest quality polymer films that handle like traditional shade fabrics. Our choice of films means that our blinds will keep you comfortable at any time of day and in any season without compromising the quality of the view.Gold • Silver • Bronze • Grey

All our blinds have excellent glare reduction qualities of between 94 and 98%

◦ Protecting against direct and reflected sunlight
◦ Providing a safer environment when navigating
◦ Reducing eye fatigue

All Sola-cure products reduce ultra-violet transmission by at least 99%

◦ Shielding crew and passengers from the cause of skin damage
Sola-cure rejects between 81 and 95% total solar energy

◦ Creating a cooler working environment for crew and passengers
◦ Protecting furniture and instrumentation from fading and excessive heat


 Bronze / SilverBronze / BronzeSilver / SilverGrey / SilverGrey / GreyGrey / Gold
Solar direct transmission3%27%2%10%24%9%
Solar direct reflection75%16%79%61%17%50%
Solar direct absorption22%57%19%29%60%41%
Visible light transmission2%15%2%7%10%7%
Visible light reflection, exterior74%10%83%58%9%43%
Visible light reflection, interior17%10%81%16%9%15%
UV rejection>99%>99%>99%>99%>99%>99%
G value0.
Shading co-efficient0.070.460.080.190.440.21
Total solar energy rejection94%60%93%84%62%82%
Glare reduction98%83%97%92%89%92%
Colour rendering index848283767383